Sun Jun 7, 2015 9:24AM
Graphic rendition shows the Statue of Liberty crying
Graphic rendition shows the Statue of Liberty crying
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America is worried about where it’s going.  The international recession has hit the United States hard, with a large decline in consumer demand. Wages for most workers are now declining rapidly. 

Perhaps as a result, the US languishes near the bottom of many global rankings for inequality: it’s actually one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, with the poorest 50% owning just 2.5% of the country’s wealth. That is surely a damning indictment of the home of capitalism. At the heart of the revelation is a new poll of public opinion indicating that Americans are gravely worried about their government's incompetence. 

Citizens are concerned that successive governments have failed to tackle race relations, racism, immigration, social unrest, healthcare and terrorism.  They’re also suspicious that Washington prefers to deceive the public rather than take proper action to undo this mass dissatisfaction. This raises fears that there will be more cover-ups, media censorship and even more military wars abroad - all with the aim of concealing domestic crises at home.